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I still dont get

why you put your part with mine, you couldve just made the halo turn around longer, blah :C Good collab tho


The most touching movie I've watched on this site. just beautiful


This turned out great! :D I love all the parts, especially the cute santa ;P and in responce to Flabeo, my part was the one with the Bulgarian flag :], The only sugestions i have is that you put the names of the authors in the author's comments :) great work guys :]

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its ok

graphics are really nice, but i think you should remake the engine as it was pretty boring to play. Good effort tho!


Awesomesauce :D

It's awesome

Because I say so

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That's some funny ass shit XD


That touched the heart, great job! You're going on my fav artists list!

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Wow this brings me so much joy you can't even imagine. The level of detail on this piece is astonishing, i honestly thought it was a photograph and had to have a second look. Thanks for the new desktop background too :D!

HiryuGouki responds:

No shit it's awesome, I used my special boob drawing technique I learned from a tutorial! Also, if you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it!!! I already know this is FUCKING GOOD!

it looks really over shiny with too many filters applied to it, and as pointed out there's anatomy problems but main problem is the annoyingly high saturation and the filters to make everything shine. It looks clean though I'll give you that

Fatelogic responds:

Now THIS is a "negative" feedback I can agree with. As said, yes, there are anatomy flaws, and I try to improve over them as much as I can (thing is I have to dedicate too much more time over Photoshop than pencil sketching, so my improvement over that is more slow).

But yeah, my style itself uses a lot of light effects and contrast filters that may not be for everyone´s tastes. I use every chance I get to test filters and light & shadow effects (kind of an experiment of sorts), and yeah, some might find it nice, while others might find it somewhat overdone.

So yeah, you´re right, I tend to use many light filters, but its not such of an error than it is more of my kind of style. I seriously doubt things will change dramatically over my pieces (you might find that most of my works follow the same line over that issue) because I personally like the outcome, but its all good and reasonable that many people find it overdone.

Thanks for the feedback!

You're on newgrounds now too?!? AWESOME


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