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its ok

graphics are really nice, but i think you should remake the engine as it was pretty boring to play. Good effort tho!


Awesomesauce :D

It's awesome

Because I say so

Pretty good, but...

There needs to be more sections! Much much more! This isn't that advanced, though some things are concidered advanced like the masking trick. However I think you should include things like advanced shading, bringing characters from paper to life(for non wacom users ;D) animating with layers and folders and so on. But still it's pretty good :)

Helbereth responds:

I never said it was really advanced. This is basically what I was able to figure out with little or no help in the first 14 months with flash. I actually counted 40 odd mini tutorials spread out through the 6 main ones, so there is a lot of stuff covered.

Paper to life is something I could cover in another tutorial. Advanced shading isn't really something you do with flash -- it tends to become extremely tedious, and ultimately unnecessary. Simple shading, however, can have an equal effect without the carpal tunnel.

I don't use a wacom -- I don't know if you had that impression, but I thought I should mention it.

Animating with layers is something you should pick up on within the first few days of getting flash, really. It's not advanced, so much as necessary. I don't use folders -- don't know how -- which would make it difficult to explain.

This deserves front page!

This is the best tutorial i have ever seen! And the bg music is still playing =D Great job! =D


PLEASE MAKE MORE! I love this! It helped me lots! Great job!

Zero, Zero and Zero >:-(

First of there are millions of tutorials already explaining these things (which isn't so bad) but I'm giving you a zero because first of all you took the tutorial from cartoon smart , you put the ball thing from there and put it here and you took a flash file from his site and put it up in your dress up section! If you gave Justin at CartoonSmart the SMALLEST bid of credit I'd give you a 8/10 and 4/5 but right now - 0/10 0/5

Yeah but...

You should REALLY add somne sound like in the real game and make people to be able to press the keybord buttons to control the guy. Other than that great! You're my favourine Flash Animationr here at NewGrounds

Wonchop responds:

gosh thanks.
for an improved version, check out http://wonchop.sheezyart.com


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