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12 hours?

Incause you guys don't know the software he used, endorphin is the easiest 3d software ever(free aswell) and it's extreemly easy, you just click on the action you want your guy to do and he does it, no working with bones, no anything so i seriously doubt he spent that much. If you wanna get into 3d get software like 3Dstudio max and learn to do it the hard way and get better results. And to this submition i give a 4 for spending... 1 hour on the turorials and using stuff from the tutorials on your submission

Red-Wolf responds:

I actually modeled the helicopter thank you very much and that took ahwile!


I right clicked went through the 70 frames :P INGLOR =KING!

Paranoia responds:

I was wondering if anyone'd actually do that =P


Too fuckin awsome =D

LaserKarl responds:


Shame on you!

you discrase all locks and clocks >=( water LOCK shall hear of this

Water-Clock responds:

Hey i tried really hard on this i have only had flash for a week and i have actually used a lot of water locks tutorials cos hes amazin. so dont startt on me disgracing dip sh*i*


nice one, most of the graphics were awsome though it could've used more people =P

ReklessCreati0n responds:

Thanks, i'm glad that you enjoyed it,

Ver nice movie =D

Usually I don't like sticks but this is different(kinda) Well I liked it and I hope you make more =D

Renegade-Hamster responds:

No more sticks for me. I'm doing a proper cartoon right now. After that one, I'll do some artsy thing with lots of frame by frame work, based around this epic fantasy that I've conceived in my mind. I probably won't even get to tell an eighth of the story (even after a couple of episodes), but oh well. I'll start with an exciting bit of action, and maybe hit the viewer with backstory in the form of exposition. Hooray!

Nice little movie there :)

I don't like sprites much but this still was a pretty good movie so nice job :)

MouthWindow responds:

thanks v. much lucky_design.
My good old forum buddy!

Thumbs up

Ok your style is definetly very good and your use of layers for the fighting part is excellent, however there should be more action and sound effects even though it's a trailer :) Also work a little on the preloader, and please cut down the use of that function in flash you used to make the text(I'm not naming it :P) It got a little bit annoying when you used it on the text, especially the replay button. One last thing... please don't use that background sound for the actual movie :P BUT I still found it a very nice example of graphics style and action.
So thumbs up
thnxbye :-)

Xionico responds:

XD thanks! aww but i like that effect on the text >.>, well thanks for ur thumbs up XD


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