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Posted by Lucky - March 3rd, 2012

Thats right! Give me any drawing request, the more ridiculous the better and the silliest one I'll draw :) Cause I'm an uncreative hack and need creative ideas like the 'draw a bear wrestling a squid' one. also thanksss for any suggestions in advance

Comments (20)

Draw a rocket crashing through the moon.

A car... Driving a person... up a wall (instead of a road)

A delicious sandwich with one of those little swords sticking in the middle of it being eaten by an otter. It's gotta have all the fixings too! Elsewise is not samich.

Batman punching a box of llama filled nachos on the moon while riding a giant wiener made of baby fingers and spam

A sophisticated lemur noticing something horrid

Draw a fat spiderman trying to sling some webs and he's straining to swing while Dr. Ock is just sitting one roof over with MJ laughing his ass off

Draw a chubby fairy carrying a basket of berries back to her house, while being chased by bumble bees. Also, the chubby fairy has lightning powers.

A cowboy riding atop the Kraken.

An adjectivey noun verbing an adjectivey noun.

A red cheetah playing chess with sasquatch!

Mario and sonic fighting over the last slice of pizza? In an apartment?

Did you draw a car yet >:)

or a happy-go-lucky mailbox personified in a Disney classic manner

Draw a waterbender controling water with its pet - a jellyfish O.O

an octopus in a military outfit shooting at a shark alien whilst in the background there is a giant vortex sucking them in

A Queer Duck with a Redicously Large Penis

draw a Midget thats 2.5 Ft tall with a 6.5 Tall Mohawk Fighting a 6.5 Ft man with a 2.5 ft Mohawk, Inside a giant Squeeky Toy that being attacked by various cats and dogs inside a Alien Ship

a penis

Draw a happy pencil drawing an angry eraser with a mustache.

I request my fine self riding apon my trusty llama, leaping across a mighty chasm while my heroic cape flutters in the wind and i strike my tablet sword sized pen forward and my shield sized tablet on my other arm!... leaving behind entourage of attractive women arms out stretched in pure greed and desire.

hows that? =:3

Robo-Clint Eastwood arm wrestling himself from Good, Bad, The Ugly.
Umm... The Blues Brothers in a helicopter with unreasonably large guns flying over candy land.
To finish it all up, Tenacious D smashing Satan, from Oney's Leo and Satan series with their guitars.
So, if your feeling up to the nonsense, I'd like to know.
Because I really want to see this picture now that I think about it....

Thanks for peeking at my suggestion.