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Lucky's AMA

2/25/13 by Lucky

Ask me Anything at all :3 I'm bored enough

Lucky's AMA


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Grab a chup! Want a chup?!

2/28/13 Lucky responds:

You know I cant eat your ghost chups George! Monique says your dum



Cat or Dog? Star Wars or Star Trek? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if... he wasn't drunk all the time?

2/26/13 Lucky responds:

Dog Wars! Woodchuck's got issues maaaan dont judge him
/Woodchuck support group

are YOU a handsomecat?

2/26/13 Lucky responds:

I'd like to think so :3

Why is there no one else whos asking questions?

2/26/13 Lucky responds:

Because I have no friends and you're my comedy relief
Or is it the reverse idk

Who's your biggest enemy?

2/26/13 Lucky responds:

Little TImmy
IIiii hate that kid

Why are you so nice?

2/26/13 (Updated 2/26/13) Lucky responds:

I was raised right
In a forrest
On the moon
By Chuck Testa

Oh, Ok.

If A Tree Falls in place and theres no one to here it, Does it make a sound?

2/26/13 (Updated 2/26/13) Lucky responds:

Yes of sheer pain and agony as his tree wife and children watch him fall down helpless in a puddle of his own leafs and nuts knowing he'll never be able to stand up right again. His only tree daughter runs away and prostitute herself on the street and his son hanging himself from his tree mother because he couldn't do so from the pathetic mess of a dad currently lying on the eroded grass

Why is there a PICTURE of Ed from EE&E?

2/25/13 Lucky responds:




How lucky are you?

2/25/13 Lucky responds:

Around 94% Today, with a high chance of puns

Does reddit suck?

2/25/13 Lucky responds:

Mostly, there's some funny pics occasionally